Senior Portraits – Book Appointment


Up to 4 outfits per time slot. For multiple time slots, repeat the full process, including payment

If you can’t find what you need, send a text to 508-414-1656 explaining what and when you’d like.

Choose your location.

  • Acton Arboretum
  • Bancroft Tower, Worcester
  • Borderland State Park, Easton
  • Elm Park, Worcester
  • Green Hill Park, Worcester
  • Moore State Park, Paxton
  • Old Stone Church, West Boylston

Choose available dates and times that will appear on the calendar

Complete the personal information form

Choose your payment method. If paying by credit card, be sure to choose the credit card buttons below the PayPal button

If you’re not taken to the payment screen, make sure you filled in all the the required personal information fields

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