Revival Academy of Dance


We’ve set aside an entire day at Howe State Park, with Miss Melissa leading the choreography, on Saturday, July 18, from 10am-5pm. UPDATE: We just opened up Friday June 17 in the evening from 5-7. We’ll open up a bit earlier once these times ill up.

If that date doesn’t work for you, you can book an appointment on another day.

Up to 2 outfits per time slot. For multiple time slots, repeat the full process

Dance Minis – as a social distancing concession, these 10 minute mini sessions (one scene, multiple poses), replace the dance portraits usually held at the studio. $20/session will be returned as credit when you order your photos online

  • If you’ve already booked studio session(s) and have payed $20 booking fee(s), choose TRANSFER from the “Location” drop down menu to the rightbelow and complete the process for a many times as you’ve previously booked. You can verify how much you’ve already paid by going to your account page and looking for the amount of your credits
  • If you’re booking anew, or need to add bookings, choose NEW from the “Location” drop down menu to the rightbelow and complete the process for as many sessions as you need
  • Senior or family portrait sessions should be booked on the general booking page

Choose times that will appear on the calendar for July 18

Complete the personal information form

Choose your payment method. If paying by credit card, be sure to choose the credit card buttons below the PayPal button

If you’re not taken to the payment screen, make sure you filled in all the the required personal information fields

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